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Subliminal – Super Learning – Beta @20Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Super Learning

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Beta @20Hz (Base 108Hz)


This audio track, titled ‘Super Learning’, is designed to enhance your learning capabilities and improve your memory. By incorporating binaural beats with a frequency of Beta at 20Hz, it stimulates your brain to enter a state of heightened focus and concentration. The track features a series of empowering affirmations that aim to program your subconscious mind for accelerated learning and retention of information. Whether you are a student, professional, or simply someone who desires to expand their knowledge, this track is suitable for anyone seeking to maximize their learning potential.

Through regular listening, the affirmations on this track work to instill a positive mindset and a deep belief in your ability to learn and retain knowledge effortlessly. By reinforcing statements such as ‘I am talented and gifted with the ability to learn anything quickly’ and ‘I have an excellent memory which is getting better all the time,’ this track helps to build self-confidence and mental clarity.

In addition to the affirmations, the binaural beats in this track assist in synchronizing the brain’s hemispheres, promoting improved cognitive function and enhanced memory consolidation. The specific frequency of Beta at 20Hz is associated with increased alertness and critical thinking, making it ideal for studying, learning, and information recall.

Whether you are studying for exams, preparing for a new project, or simply seeking to expand your knowledge, the ‘Super Learning’ audio track is a powerful tool to support your learning journey. It helps you access your full learning potential and harness your mind’s unlimited ability to acquire and retain information. Embark on a transformative learning experience with ‘Super Learning’ and unlock new depths of knowledge and understanding in your chosen field.


– I am talented and gifted with the ability to learn anything quickly.
– Any information I need to recall comes effortlessly to mind.
– I activate my mental potential
– I choose educational programs when I watch TV.
– I am grateful for my mind’s unlimited ability to learn new things.
– I have an excellent memory
– I am becoming more and more knowledgeable every day.
– I am able to recall and relate everything I learn.
– My ability to focus on my studies is improving every day.
– I can integrate massive amounts of information
– I get all the help I need
– New concepts are so exciting to me.
– I am clear and lucid
– I am learning all the time
– I am passionate about learning and studying.
– I have an excellent memory which is getting better all the time.
– I concentrate easily, I stay focused
– I am progressing through my courses with ease.
– My mind is organized
– I am so grateful for having such a sharp and clear memory.

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