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We are proud to present the AI-Subliminal-Generator, the first AI-powered tool that generates subliminal suggestions or positive affirmations for your desired state. We take personalization to the next level, allowing you to enter a desired state and the AI-Subliminal-Generator works its magic.


Experience the transformative power of self-hypnosis like never before with our AI-Self-Hypnosis-Generator. This cutting-edge tool harnesses the capabilities of artificial intelligence to help you create personalized self-hypnosis audios that can assist you in achieving your desired goals and enhancing your well-being.

Create Custom Audio Tracks

With the Binaural Beats Factory App, you can create custom audio tracks. Add custom frequencies or binaural beats with pure sine wave generation. Choose background music/sound and add custom subliminal suggestions/positive affirmations to it.

Free Featured Audio Tracks Library

Listen to our featured tracks library for free. You can copy and adjust any track as you wish.