Create Your custom Binaural Beats with just a few clicks


Binaural Beats

Pure sine wave generation without lossful compression. Choose preconfigured binaural beat frequencies, single tone frequencies or simply set your own custom frequencies.


Select from a collection of sound ambiences like rain, wind, ocean waves, water streams, forest and more. You can also select music to improve relaxation or concentration.


We are proud to present the AI-Subliminal-Affirmation-Hypnosis-Generator, the first AI-powered tool that generates subliminal suggestions, positive affirmations or self-hypnosis scripts for your desired state. We take personalization to the next level, allowing you to enter a desired state and the AI-Generator works its magic.

Subliminal Suggestions / Affirmations

Search and choose from affirmation/suggestion database or add custom affirmations manually or import from clipboard/other sources. Adding pauses allows you to create guided meditations or hypnosis inductions as well. Choose from ~300 text-to-speech voices in ~70 languages and set custom play speed.

Live Editing

Since the Binaural Beats Factory App generates and mixes your tracks on-the-fly, you can edit your tracks while playing, so you can better tune them to your preferences.


Share your tracks and suggestions (anonymously) with other users or access a collection of already shared tracks and suggestions. Shared tracks can be easily played or you can copy and adjust them to your needs.

Play anywhere

As a web application, the Binaural Beats Factory App plays your tracks on almost any device with a modern web-browser and through its responsive design, you can conveniently create and manage your tracks even on a smartphone.


All your tracks and suggestions are stored in a separate database (with an SHA-256 encoded username), away from your name or contact details. If an attacker had access to your tracks and suggestions, he would not be able to relate them to your user account.

What can you do with Binaural Beats Factory?


The Binaural Beats Factory App offers a variety of features including the ability to create customized binaural beats with a range of sound and music options. The app also offers an AI-powered tool called the AI-Audio-Generator, which creates personalized self-hypnosis scripts, subliminal suggestions or positive affirmations for the user’s desired state. The app allows for live editing, sharing of tracks, and is accessible on any modern web browser. Additionally, the app prioritizes user privacy by storing all tracks and suggestions in a separate, encoded database.

Create your custom Subliminal / Affirmation Audio or listen to public tracks now for free:

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