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Affiliate Program

Everyone is able to participate in spreading awareness of Binaural Beats Factory.

Just create an account here:
and visit the affiliate dashboard here:
to see your details.

Sales are either tracked by the customer visiting your reference link (e.g. https://binauralbeatsfactory.com/?ref=xx) or by using a personally generated coupon code.

We payout commission via PayPal. Please provide your PayPal address in the affiliate dashboard:

You can have a look at the campaigns in the affiliate dashboard for banners and logos.

You can also use the affirmation/suggestion export dialog to share a branded affirmations/suggestions with an own selected image:

If you require additional resources, please let us know and we will be happy to help.

The commission is 20% on all products, also on recurring payments as part of subscriptions.

If you would like to have special conditions or if you are thinking about providing exclusive content in Binaural Beats Factory, please contact us.