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Subliminal – Intelligence – Beta @20Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Intelligence

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Beta @20Hz (Base 108Hz)


This audio track is designed to enhance intelligence and promote a positive mindset. With a combination of powerful affirmations and binaural beats, it aims to program the subconscious mind for increased cognitive abilities, creative problem-solving, and social intelligence. The track is suitable for individuals who want to develop their intelligence, boost their confidence, and attract abundance into their lives. Whether you are seeking academic success, professional growth, or personal fulfillment, this track provides a powerful tool to unlock your full intellectual potential.


– My mind is very powerful and full of energy
– I am an intelligent person that is full of confidence
– I am a very smart individual
– my brain stores enormous quantities of useful information that helps me in life
– It is super easy for me to come up with creative and practical solutions
– I am intelligent, brilliant, witty and unique
– I always manage to accurately see the whole picture and read the situation
– I have a wonderful capability to gain the things I want with my infinite wisdom
– It is simple for me to reach a full laser-focused concentration when needed
– I was blessed with high social intelligence and cognitive intelligence
– I am book smart and street smart and know how to combine both perfectly
– I am a social genius
– I was abundant, I am abundant, and will always be abundant.
– Feeling joyful attracts abundance.
– I enjoy an abundance of money.
– Abundance flows easily to me.
– I think big.
– My consistent focus on abundance draws it to me.
– I am now on the road to success, happiness, and abundance.
– I love abundance, and I attract it easily.

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