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Self-Hypnosis – Self-Love – Theta @8Hz (Base 224Hz)

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Self-Hypnosis – Self-Love

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Theta @8Hz (Base 224Hz)


This audio track is designed to cultivate self-love and appreciation through a self-hypnosis practice. It contains positive affirmations and a guided visualization to help the listener develop a strong sense of self-worth and acceptance. The track includes binaural beats at a frequency of Theta @8Hz (Base 224Hz) to enhance relaxation and deepen the hypnotic state. The messages in the track aim to program the subconscious mind with beliefs of self-love, worthiness, and forgiveness. By listening to this track regularly, the listener can deepen their connection with self-love and transform their life.


– Welcome to this self-hypnosis session for cultivating self-love. During this session, you will be guided into a state of deep relaxation and given suggestions to develop a strong sense of self-love and appreciation. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can relax without any distractions.
– Close your eyes and take a slow, deep breath in, and exhale fully. Allow your body to relax, feeling tension melting away with each breath. Imagine a warm, soothing light entering your body with each breath in, and any stress or negativity leaving your body with each breath out.
– Feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into relaxation..
– Now, imagine yourself standing in front of a beautiful staircase. This is a staircase that leads to a garden of self-love. As I count from 10 to 1, with each number, imagine yourself taking a step down the staircase, feeling more relaxed and open to receiving self-love. 10… take a step down… 9…
– deeper and deeper… 8… feeling more relaxed… 7… taking another step down… 6… feeling a sense of ease… 5… going deeper and deeper… 4… feeling your self-love growing… 3… taking another step… 2… almost there… 1…
– arrive at the bottom of the staircase, feeling deeply relaxed and ready to experience profound self-love..
– Now, in this state of deep relaxation and self-love, I want you to repeat the following affirmation to yourself: “I am worthy of love and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” Feel the truth of these words resonating within you.
– Visualize yourself filled with love and appreciation for who you are. Allow this love to radiate from you, enveloping your entire being..
– Repeat the following affirmations to yourself, feeling their truth resonating within you:
– I love and accept myself unconditionally.
– I am deserving of love and happiness.
– I am enough just as I am.
– I am worthy of all the love in the world.
– I forgive myself for any mistakes and embrace my imperfections.
– I am a unique and valuable person.
– I choose to love and care for myself deeply.
– I radiate love and kindness to myself and others.
– I am worthy of all the love and respect in the world.
– I deserve to be treated with love and kindness.
– Now, imagine yourself surrounded by a warm, loving light. This light represents the energy of self-love. Feel this light permeating every cell of your being, generating a deep sense of love, acceptance, and appreciation for yourself.
– Visualize this energy expanding within you, shining brightly and illuminating everything around you. See yourself bathing in this radiant light, feeling completely surrounded and embraced by love..
– As you go about your day, remember and carry with you the feelings of self-love and acceptance. Whenever you encounter challenges or self-doubt, remind yourself of the love and appreciation you have for yourself. Affirm your worthiness and remember that you deserve love and happiness.
– Let this self-love guide your decisions and actions, allowing you to live a life filled with happiness, fulfillment, and authentic connections..
– Now, slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings. Take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, open your eyes. Carry the feelings of self-love and acceptance with you, knowing that you are worthy of all the love in the world.
– Repeat this self-hypnosis practice regularly to deepen your connection with self-love and transform your life. Remember, you are deserving of love and happiness. Embrace the power of self-love and let it guide you on your journey..

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