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Subliminal – Stop Sugar Cravings – Theta @8Hz (Base 216Hz)

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Subliminal – Stop Sugar Cravings

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Theta @8Hz (Base 216Hz)


This audio track, titled ‘Stop Sugar Cravings’, is designed to help individuals overcome their sugar cravings and make healthier eating choices. With a combination of positive affirmations and binaural beats, this track aims to program the subconscious mind towards resisting sugary foods and embracing a new way of living and eating. The messages in the track focus on releasing the need for sweets, choosing nutritious foods, and taking control of one’s choices and impulses. Whether you are looking to quit sugar addiction or simply want to make better dietary decisions, this track is for you. Let go of cravings, regain control, and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


– I can easily resist sugar.
– I am in control of what I eat.
– I let go of the need for sweets.
– I release my sugar cravings.
– I only eat nutritious food.
– I can resist candies and chocolates.
– This is my new way of living and eating.
– I deserve the life I want. Even if it does not seem true right now, I choose to become the person I was meant to be.
– I am choosing to take better care of my body.
– I release the obsessive need for sugar.
– I am free from my sugar cravings.
– Quitting sugar comes effortlessly to me.
– I choose whole foods instead of sweet things.
– I am overcoming my sugar addiction every day.
– I feel my addiction slowly leaving my body.
– I am in control of my choices.
– I have power over my impulses.
– My dieting habits have now become part of my new lifestyle. I now control my eating.
– I have my addiction under control.
– I find it easy to let go of sugar.

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