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Subliminal – Lucid Dreaming – Delta @2Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Lucid Dreaming

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Delta @2Hz (Base 108Hz)


This audio track is designed to help you achieve lucid dreaming. It contains a series of positive affirmations and subliminal suggestions that target your subconscious mind. By listening to this track, you can program your mind to take control of your dreams and become aware that you are dreaming. The track includes binaural beats at a frequency of Delta @2Hz, which promotes relaxation and deep sleep. Whether you are a beginner or experienced lucid dreamer, this track is suitable for anyone who wants to enhance their dream experiences and explore the limitless possibilities of their subconscious mind.


– When I sleep my body is healed, restored and filled with energy.
– I take control of my dreams and become lucid.
– I am in full control of my dreams,
– My dream awareness is now growing stronger and stronger.
– My dream consciousness is strong,
– My dreams are lucid,
– While I am dreaming I remember to ask, “am I dreaming?
– Lucid dreaming is easy for me, i can awaken within dreams whenever i want.
– I am a lucid dreamer.
– I easily let go of my worries of the day so I can sleep restfully at night.
– While I sleep my body rebuilds and regenerates itself with ease.
– My dreams are a wonderful playground and i now joyfully create whatever i want in my dreams.
– My dreams offer many signals to remember that I am dreaming.
– I remember my dreams,
– Awareness now.
– I can control my dreams at will,
– People now enjoy sleeping near me.
– Each night I am becoming more conscious of all my dreams.
– I am now transforming into someone who lucid dreams each and every night.
– It’s easy to take control of my dreams and become lucid.

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