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Subliminal – Improve Cricket Skills – Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Improve Cricket Skills

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Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)


This audio track, titled ‘Improve Cricket Skills’, is designed to help cricket players of all skill levels enhance their abilities. With a combination of positive affirmations, subliminal suggestions, and binaural beats, this track aims to program the subconscious mind for success on the cricket field. It instills confidence, focus, determination, resilience, adaptability, and teamwork. By listening to this track, players will develop discipline, flexibility, and a growth mindset. They will learn to stay present, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and make the most of every opportunity. The track also emphasizes patience, persistence, goal setting, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It inspires leadership, calmness under pressure, versatility, and the pursuit of excellence. Suitable for players who want to improve their cricket skills and achieve success, this track is a valuable tool for mental and emotional conditioning.


– I am a skilled and talented cricketer, and I am constantly improving my abilities.
– I am confident in my abilities and trust in my training and preparation.
– I am focused and determined, and I give 100 percent effort in every practice and game.
– I am resilient and adaptable, and I learn from my mistakes and use them to grow and improve.
– I am a team player, and I support and encourage my teammates to achieve our collective goals.
– I am disciplined and committed to practicing regularly and consistently to improve my skills.
– I am flexible and open-minded, and I am willing to try new techniques and strategies to improve my game.
– I am physically and mentally strong, and I am capable of pushing myself to new levels of performance.
– I am committed to continuous learning and growth, and I seek out new opportunities and experiences to improve my cricket skills.
– I am focused on the present moment and the task at hand, and I let go of any distractions or negative thoughts that may hinder my performance.
– I am positive and optimistic, and I believe in my ability to achieve my cricket goals.
– I am grateful for the opportunities and support that I have to improve my cricket skills, and I make the most of every opportunity.
– I am patient and disciplined, and I understand that improvement takes time and effort, and I am willing to put in the work to achieve my goals.
– I am determined and persistent, and I do not give up when faced with challenges or setbacks, but rather use them as opportunities to grow and learn.
– I am focused on my goals and the process of achieving them, and I do not let external factors or distractions derail my progress.
– I am committed to maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and I understand that good physical and mental health is essential for peak performance on the cricket field.
– I am a leader and a role model, and I inspire and motivate others to achieve their best on and off the cricket field.
– I am confident and calm under pressure, and I trust in my abilities and my preparation to handle any situation on the cricket field.
– I am a skilled and versatile cricketer, and I am capable of adapting to different roles and situations on the field.
– I am a champion and a winner, and I am committed to excellence and success in cricket and in all areas of my life.

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