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Subliminal – Improve Basketball Skills – Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Improve Basketball Skills

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Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)


This audio track, titled ‘Improve Basketball Skills’, is designed to help basketball players of all skill levels enhance their performance on the court. It combines positive affirmations with binaural beats, specifically a Theta frequency of 8Hz (Base 108Hz). The track aims to program the subconscious mind with empowering beliefs and qualities that contribute to becoming a better basketball player.


– I am a skilled and talented basketball player, and I am constantly improving.
– I am confident in my abilities, and I trust in my training and preparation.
– I am quick and agile, and I have excellent ball-handling skills.
– I am a strong and powerful shooter, and I make consistently make baskets.
– I am a good listener and learner, and I am open to constructive feedback and advice from my coaches and teammates.
– I am a team player, and I support and encourage my teammates in every situation.
– I am resilient and persistent, and I never give up or lose hope, no matter the score or situation.
– I am focused and disciplined, and I stay calm and composed under pressure.
– I am a leader on and off the court, and I inspire and motivate my teammates to be their best.
– I am a fierce and aggressive defender, and I shut down my opponents and protect the rim.
– I am a smart and strategic player, and I make good decisions with the ball.
– I am a versatile and adaptable player, and I can play any position and role on the team.
– I am a positive and energetic person, and I bring energy and enthusiasm to every practice and game.
– I am a hard worker, and I put in the time and effort to improve my skills and fitness.
– I am a humble and gracious person, and I handle success and failure with dignity and grace.
– I am a good sport, and I respect the rules, officials, and opponents in every game.
– I am a good student, and I prioritize my education and personal development in addition to my basketball skills.
– I am a role model, and I set a good example for younger players and fans.
– I am proud of who I am and what I do, and I am grateful for the opportunities and experiences that basketball has given me.
– I am focused and determined, and I give 100 percent effort in every practice and game.

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