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Subliminal – Healthy Eating – Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Healthy Eating

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Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)


This is an audio track designed to promote healthy eating habits and a positive relationship with food. With a soothing background of Theta binaural beats at 8Hz, this track aims to help listeners reprogram their subconscious mind towards nourishing their bodies with nutritious foods. The messages in the track focus on affirmations and suggestions related to healthy eating, such as enjoying eating healthy food, making healthy choices a normal part of daily life, and feeling the benefits of nourishing the body. The track is suitable for individuals who want to develop a healthy eating routine, improve their relationship with food, and support their overall well-being.


– Nourishing my body is loving my body.
– Eating new foods comes with ease.
– My skin is fresh with more fruits and vegetables
– I always eat healthily
– I enjoy eating healthy food
– Eating healthy food is normal to me
– I eat nutritious food
– I love salad
– I eat timely and work enthusiastically
– I eat lots of vegetables and salads
– My body and mind are nourished
– I plan my diet and eat moderately
– I love vegetables
– When I eat good, I feel good.
– I eat natural food
– I live healthy and plan my diet
– I only eat enough food to remove my hunger
– I eat at regular times
– I eat healthy food every day
– Food is medicine, my body is healing.

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