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Subliminal – Attract Love – Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Attract Love

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Theta @8Hz (Base 108Hz)


This audio track, titled ‘Attract Love’, is designed to help you attract love and create a positive mindset towards romantic relationships. It contains a combination of powerful affirmations and binaural beats. The track aims to program your subconscious mind with beliefs and qualities that will enhance your ability to attract and maintain love in your life. By listening to this track, you can cultivate a sense of self-worth, develop excellent communication skills, and attract love effortlessly. The binaural beats at a Theta frequency of 8Hz, along with a base frequency of 108Hz, promote a relaxed state of mind and help you align with the positive affirmations. Whether you are seeking a new romantic relationship or looking to improve an existing one, this track can support you in attracting love and creating a fulfilling connection. Take the first step towards manifesting love into your life by listening to this transformative audio track.


– I always feel excited to spend time with my partner, as we have so much fun.
– I have excellent communication skills
– I deserve to be loved
– Life is amazing
– Love is here
– I talk to people with confidence
– The universe sends abundant love into my life
– Everyone likes me because I am a kind, tolerant person
– I am completely content with every aspect of myself
– I have full belief that love is just around the corner
– I am proud of who I am
– A romantic relationship is on its way to me
– I fully believe in my ability to attract others
– I am free of ego
– I am a kind, considerate person
– People enjoy spending time with me
– I am a nice person
– I have the confidence to start up a conversation
– I love myself, I appreciate myself
– I am good at making conversation

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