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Subliminal – Astral Travel – Theta @6Hz (Base 108Hz)

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Subliminal – Astral Travel

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Theta @6Hz (Base 108Hz)


This audio track is designed to help you experience astral travel and expand your consciousness beyond the physical plane. It combines binaural beats with powerful affirmations and suggestions, aiming to program your subconscious mind for successful astral projection. By listening to this track, you can develop the ability to separate from your physical body and explore different dimensions and realms. The messages in this audio track are intended to enhance your focus, clarity, and awareness during astral travel, as well as facilitate the recollection of your non-physical experiences. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, this track can guide you on your journey to mastering astral travel and accessing higher knowledge. Discover the joy and empowerment of exploring the infinite possibilities of the astral realm with this transformative audio track.


– It’s natural to travel beyond the physical plane and remember. I let go and trust. Astral travel is fun and empowering.
– Higher self guide me now! Bring us closer together. Show me what I need to know!
– The calmer I remain, the easier it is to separate.
– I demand higher knowledge; I am willing to practice and learn.
– I set the perfect time and place to practice.
– I already know how to travel freely through the inner planes.
– I am aware at the exact moment to separate quickly, easily and effortlessly.
– I know the perfect moment transfer awareness.
– Clear and powerful memories of all my non-physical experiences return to me. I am remembering well.
– I am willing to enjoy intensity of traveling through the other dimensions.
– I allow the energies to expand and propel me where I want to go.
– The more I practice remembering, the easier it is to remember.
– I insist on remembering my out of body experiences. I remember my journeys.
– I demand clarity. I demand awareness. Apply my will to stay focused and in control.
– The more I practice remembering, more memories return to me.
– While I am out of body, I am forceful and clear with my commands. My thoughts and intentions take me where I want to go.
– I travel through many dimensions every night. Only now I am training my mind to focus and remember.
– I remain calm and relaxed when vibrations begin.
– While I am out of body, I become aware that I am out of body.
– I am eternally safe, immortal and indestructible.

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