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Self-Hypnosis – Relieve Anxiety – Theta @8Hz (Base 224Hz)

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Self-Hypnosis – Relieve Anxiety

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Theta @8Hz (Base 224Hz)


This audio track is designed to relieve anxiety and promote deep relaxation. It combines a self-hypnosis script with binaural beats to help listeners manage and reduce their anxiety levels. The track begins with a guided relaxation process, where listeners are encouraged to close their eyes, take deep breaths, and allow their bodies to relax. They are then guided to imagine descending a staircase, going deeper into a state of relaxation with each step. Once in a deeply relaxed state, listeners are asked to visualize a place where they feel completely at ease, allowing a sense of calm to replace anxiety. In this state, listeners repeat affirmations that promote calmness and control over thoughts and emotions. The track concludes with the visualization of a healing light filling the body and creating a protective bubble, shielding the listener from negative energy and stress. By regularly practicing this self-hypnosis session, listeners can strengthen their ability to relieve anxiety and embrace a more peaceful state of mind.


– Welcome to this self-hypnosis session for relieving anxiety. By listening to this script and following along, you are taking a proactive step towards managing and reducing your anxiety. Make sure you are in a comfortable and quiet environment where you can focus your attention solely on this session.
– Let’s begin..
– Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, allow your body to relax. With each breath you take, feel your body becoming more and more relaxed. Imagine a soft, warm wave of relaxation washing over you, releasing any tension or anxiety.
– Let go of any thoughts or worries, and just allow yourself to be fully present in this moment..
– Now, imagine yourself standing at the top of a beautiful staircase. This staircase has 10 steps, and with each step you take, you will go deeper into a state of relaxation. As I count down from 10 to 1, imagine yourself descending the steps, feeling more relaxed with each number. 10… 9… 8…
– going deeper… 7… 6… 5… relaxing even further… 4… 3… 2… almost there… 1… fully relaxed..
– Now that you are in a deeply relaxed state, I want you to imagine a place where you feel completely at ease and free from anxiety. It could be a peaceful beach, a serene forest, or any other location that brings you a sense of calm.
– As you visualize this place, feel a wave of tranquility washing over you, replacing any anxiety with a sense of peace and security. In this state, you are in control of your thoughts and emotions, and you can choose to let go of any anxiety that no longer serves you..
– Repeat the following affirmations to yourself, feeling their truth resonating within you:
– I am calm and relaxed in every situation.
– I release all worries and fears.
– I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.
– I let go of anxiety and embrace peace.
– I trust in myself and my ability to handle any situation.
– I am becoming more confident and at ease every day.
– Now, imagine a bright, golden light entering the top of your head and flowing through your entire body. This healing light is cleansing and releasing any remaining tension or anxiety. Feel the warmth and comfort of this light as it fills you with a deep sense of peace and relaxation.
– As the light fills your body, imagine it expanding outwards, creating a protective bubble around you. This bubble shields you from any negative energy or stress, allowing you to remain calm and centered..
– As you go about your day, remember the peace and relaxation you experienced during this session. Whenever you feel anxiety creeping in, take a moment to take a deep breath and visualize the protective bubble surrounding you.
– Remind yourself of the affirmations and the control you have over your thoughts and emotions. Each time you practice this self-hypnosis session, you strengthen your ability to relieve anxiety and embrace a more peaceful state of mind..
– As this self-hypnosis session comes to an end, take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the progress you have made. You have taken an active role in managing your anxiety, and each session brings you closer to a life of calm and tranquility.
– Open your eyes, feeling refreshed and energized, ready to face the world with a sense of peace..

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