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Self-Hypnosis – Improve Singing Voice – Theta @8Hz (Base 216Hz)

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Self-Hypnosis – Improve Singing Voice

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Theta @8Hz (Base 216Hz)


This audio track is designed to improve your singing voice through self-hypnosis. It contains binaural beats and a series of messages that will program your subconscious mind to enhance your vocal skills. The track guides you into a deep state of relaxation, where you can tap into your natural singing abilities and visualize yourself singing with confidence and hitting all the right notes. Through the power of affirmations, you will strengthen your belief in your singing abilities and attract opportunities to showcase your talent. The track also encourages patience, self-acceptance, and the joy of singing as you embark on your journey to become a masterful singer. Practice and believe in yourself, and your singing voice will flourish. Enjoy the journey!


– Welcome to this self-hypnosis session for improving your singing voice. In this session, we will work together to tap into your natural singing abilities and enhance your vocal skills. Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can relax and focus solely on the sound of my voice.
– Now, close your eyes and take a deep breath in, hold it for a moment, and then exhale slowly. With each breath you take, relax your body more and more. Allow any tension or stress to melt away.
– Imagine a wave of relaxation washing over you, starting from the top of your head and flowing down to the tips of your toes. Feel how each muscle in your body becomes loose and limp, completely relaxed..
– As you continue to focus on your breath, imagine yourself stepping into a tranquil garden. This garden is your inner sanctuary, a place where you can feel completely at peace. Observe the sights, sounds, and scents around you.
– Feel the gentle warmth of the sun on your skin and listen to the calming sounds of nature. As you explore this garden, you can feel yourself going deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation..
– Now, in this state of deep relaxation, you can harness the power of your subconscious mind to improve your singing voice. Visualize yourself standing on a stage, surrounded by an enthusiastic audience. Imagine yourself singing with confidence and effortlessly hitting all the right notes.
– See yourself captivating the audience with your voice, as they cheer and applaud your performance. Believe in your ability to achieve this level of vocal excellence..
– Now, repeat the following affirmations to yourself, feeling their truth resonating within you:
– My voice is strong and powerful.
– I sing with perfect pitch and control.
– Every note I sing is infused with emotion and expression.
– I have a beautiful singing voice that inspires others.
– I am becoming a masterful singer, improving with each practice.
– My voice radiates confidence and passion.
– Singing comes naturally to me, and I enjoy every moment of it.
– I am dedicated to honing my vocal skills and reaching new heights.
– I attract opportunities to showcase my singing talent.
– I am grateful for my unique and captivating singing voice.
– Now, imagine a beam of golden light shining down from above, enveloping your entire body. This light represents the divine energy of music and creativity. Feel this light infusing your vocal cords, strengthening and expanding them.
– Visualize the sound waves emanating from your throat, carrying your voice to all corners of the universe. Picture the energy of your voice touching the hearts of everyone who hears it..
– As you continue to practice and enhance your singing voice, remember to be patient and gentle with yourself. Celebrate your progress, no matter how small, and let go of any self-doubt or criticism. Remind yourself that every great singer started from a place of learning and growth.
– Embrace the joy and passion that singing brings to your life, knowing that your voice is an instrument of beauty and expression..
– It’s time to return to the present moment, bringing with you a renewed belief in your singing abilities. Take a deep breath in, feeling a sense of gratitude for the journey you are embarking on.
– As you exhale, open your eyes and feel the excitement and motivation to continue nourishing your singing voice. Remember, the more you practice and believe in yourself, the more your singing voice will flourish. Enjoy the journey!.

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