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Self-Hypnosis – Heal / Release / Let go – Theta @8Hz (Base 224Hz)

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Self-Hypnosis – Heal / Release / Let go

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Theta @8Hz (Base 224Hz)


This audio track is designed to help you release emotional or physical pain, heal from past experiences, and let go of anything that no longer serves you. Through the power of self-hypnosis, you will access your subconscious mind and tap into its ability to promote healing and renewal.

By entering a deep state of relaxation and receptivity, you will be guided to visualize and release any areas of your life or past experiences that are causing you pain or discomfort. As you let go of these burdens, you will experience a sense of relief, lightness, and freedom from their influence.

The audio track also includes positive affirmations that resonate within you, affirming your ability to heal on all levels – physically, emotionally, and mentally. By repeating these affirmations, you will program your subconscious mind to embrace healing energy and positive changes in your life. You will affirm your worthiness of love, happiness, and a pain-free existence, and create space for new opportunities and experiences.

The track incorporates binaural beats at a Theta frequency of 8Hz to further enhance the relaxation and receptivity state. These beats help synchronize your brainwaves, allowing you to access deeper levels of consciousness and enhance the effectiveness of self-hypnosis.

This audio track is suitable for anyone who wishes to release pain, heal, and let go of negativity. It is especially beneficial for individuals who have experienced emotional or physical trauma, and are seeking a holistic and empowering approach to their healing journey. By listening to this track, you will embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, self-healing, and growth, guided by the power of your subconscious mind.


– Welcome to this self-hypnosis session for healing, releasing, and letting go. In this session, you will learn to access the power of your subconscious mind to release any emotional or physical pain and heal from past experiences.
– It is a time for you to relax, let go, and allow your subconscious mind to guide you towards a state of healing and renewal..
– Now, find a comfortable position and close your eyes. Take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds, and slowly release it. With each breath, allow your body to relax more and more. Imagine a warm, soothing energy flowing through your body, relaxing every muscle and every cell.
– Feel this relaxation spreading from the top of your head down to the tips of your toes. As you relax deeper and deeper, you are entering a state of deep hypnosis..
– Now, I want you to imagine yourself descending a beautiful staircase. With each step you take, you feel yourself relaxing even further. With each step, you are moving deeper into a state of relaxation and receptivity.
– Picture each step in vivid detail, feel the smoothness of the handrail, hear the sound of your footsteps echoing softly in the distance. As you reach the bottom of the staircase, you are completely relaxed, calm, and ready to begin the healing process..
– In this state of deep relaxation and receptivity, I want you to focus on the areas of your life or any past experiences that are causing you pain or discomfort. Visualize these areas as physical objects or symbols.
– Now, imagine that you are holding these objects in your hands, feeling their weight and texture. Feel the emotions associated with these objects.
– Now, I want you to take a deep breath in, and as you exhale, imagine releasing these objects from your hands, letting go of the pain and discomfort they represent. As you release them, feel a sense of relief and lightness in your body and mind.
– Visualize these objects disappearing into the distance, leaving you free from their influence..
– Repeat the following affirmations to yourself, feeling their truth resonating within you:
– I am releasing all pain and discomfort from the past.
– I am healing on all levels: physically, emotionally, and mentally.
– I am letting go of anything that no longer serves me.
– I am open to healing energy and positive changes in my life.
– I am worthy of love, happiness, and a pain-free existence.
– I am creating space for new opportunities and experiences in my life.
– I am deserving of peace, joy, and abundance.
– I am free from the burdens of the past and open to a bright future.
– I am allowing myself to heal and grow.
– I am letting go and embracing the present moment.
– Now, I want you to visualize a healing light surrounding your entire body. See this light gently dissolving any remaining pain or discomfort, replacing it with healing energy. Feel this healing energy flowing through your body, reaching every cell and restoring balance and harmony.
– As this healing light expands, imagine it radiating outwards, spreading love and healing to every part of your life. See yourself surrounded by love, peace, and positivity, completely free from any past pain or discomfort..
– As you come out of this deep state of relaxation, bring with you a sense of gratitude for the healing process you have just undergone. Repeat the affirmations that resonate with you throughout the day and allow their positive energy to guide your thoughts and actions.
– Remember that healing is a journey, and each day you are moving closer to wholeness. Trust in the power of your subconscious mind to support you on this journey..
– As you slowly return to wakefulness, bring with you a renewed sense of peace, healing, and empowerment. Know that you have the ability to heal and release anything that no longer serves you.
– Take a moment to stretch your body and open your eyes, feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the positive changes that await you. Whenever you feel the need for healing or release, know that you can always return to this self-hypnosis session to guide you.
– Thank you for joining me on this journey of healing and transformation..

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