Weight Loss - English - Subliminal audio

This package contains 5 audio tracks (mp3) of 30 minutes each:
– DELTA: Listen during sleep
– THETA: Listen during meditation or as hypnosis session
– ALPHA: Listen while relaxing
– BETA: Listen while actively thinking or during cognitive arousal (like while reading or learning)
– GAMMA: Listen during higher mental activity like problem solving

Weight Loss


Healing Meditation

List of suggestions:
– I am in control of my life
– My motivation grows stronger everyday
– I’m feeling better every day in every way.
– I look after my body and feed it healthy food
– I am now continuously and safely melting away excess fat from my body until it’s shaped perfectly.
– My fast metabolic rate is now helping me to burn fat and lose weight.
– When I wake up each morning, I am full of motivation
– The past is over. I’m making changes right now.
– When I lose weight, I look more attractive
– Dieting is good
– I am naturally inclined to work out on a regular basis.
– Whenever I look in the mirror, I always see something positive.
– I only eat when necessary
– Small portions are best.
– I am now in full control of my impulses, I listen to my body and eat only when I am truly hungry.
– My health is improving and so is my life
– I am active and energized.
– Everything I need, everything I want arises from the well-being I feel inside. It’s all so perfect.
– I have excellent motivation
– I have very strong willpower

This is an audio from “Binaural Beats Factory”, the online binaural beats / subliminal audio generator with high quality text-to-speech subliminal suggestions.
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