Healthy Eating - English - Subliminal audio

This package contains 5 audio tracks (mp3) of 30 minutes each:
– DELTA: Listen during sleep
– THETA: Listen during meditation or as hypnosis session
– ALPHA: Listen while relaxing
– BETA: Listen while actively thinking or during cognitive arousal (like while reading or learning)
– GAMMA: Listen during higher mental activity like problem solving

Healthy Eating


Healing Meditation

List of suggestions:
– Nourishing my body is loving my body.
– Eating new foods comes with ease.
– My skin is fresh with more fruits and vegetables
– I always eat healthily
– I enjoy eating healthy food
– Eating healthy food is normal to me
– I eat nutritious food
– I love salad
– I eat timely and work enthusiastically
– I eat lots of vegetables and salads
– My body and mind are nourished
– I plan my diet and eat moderately
– I love vegetables
– When I eat good, I feel good.
– I eat natural food
– I live healthy and plan my diet
– I only eat enough food to remove my hunger
– I eat at regular times
– I eat healthy food every day
– Food is medicine, my body is healing.

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