Confidence - English - Subliminal audio

This package contains 5 audio tracks (mp3) of 30 minutes each:
– DELTA: Listen during sleep
– THETA: Listen during meditation or as hypnosis session
– ALPHA: Listen while relaxing
– BETA: Listen while actively thinking or during cognitive arousal (like while reading or learning)
– GAMMA: Listen during higher mental activity like problem solving



Etheral Nebula

List of suggestions:
– I now face challenges fearlessly as they are opportunities to grow and improve.
– My presence in this world is magnificent
– I now accept myself for the way I look and accept others as well.
– All my thoughts, feelings and actions now stem from clarity, confidence, and bravery.
– Every breath, I inhale confidence and exhale fear
– My unshakable confidence now empowers me to take action and live life to the fullest.
– I now give myself all the attention, care and compassion I deserve and need.
– I can look straight into the light without blinking.
– I am safe and protected
– My confidence grows stronger every day
– I now perfectly combine my independence with my love to be with others.
– I feel good about myself
– I am always safe.
– I embrace who I am and who I want to be. This is my power. This is my strength.
– I now give myself complete permission to be confident and carefree in social interactions.
– Confidence and high self-esteem is my natural state
– I am a worthy, valuable and deserving individual with important contributions to make.
– I have complete belief in myself I am an incredible person
– I now influence all those around me positively with my confidence.
– I am a confident person

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