Clear Skin - English - Subliminal audio

This package contains 5 audio tracks (mp3) of 30 minutes each:
– DELTA: Listen during sleep
– THETA: Listen during meditation or as hypnosis session
– ALPHA: Listen while relaxing
– BETA: Listen while actively thinking or during cognitive arousal (like while reading or learning)
– GAMMA: Listen during higher mental activity like problem solving

Clear Skin


Ethnic Desert

List of suggestions:
– My acne quickly vanishes while I sleep.
– Every day my skin becomes more and more radiant.
– My skin is safely free from stress and inflammation now.
– I now always take proper care of my skin and instinctively eat healthy food that is ideal for my attractive skin.
– I now pay attention and listen to what my body needs for perfect health and vitality and I respond to my body’s messages with loving patience and understanding.
– I am now grateful for my clear skin and I realise my skin is doing the very best it can to support me.
– Any acne quickly clears and disappears now.
– My skin is even toned
– With every breath I take, my skin gets noticeably clearer and clearer.
– My skin is regenerating and restoring now.
– Every day my inner beauty shines brighter than before and my skin becomes more and more attractive.
– My skin is smooth and clear now.
– Any acne quickly clears and disappears now.
– My skin is insanely clear
– My acne quickly vanishes while I sleep.
– My small skin pores are now immediately shrinking to the most optimal size and they always stay clean and free from any clogs.
– I now direct blood flow and nutrition to my face.
– My extremely attractive skin attracts massive attention, desire, love and intimacy now.
– My perfectly flawless skin is now incredibly resilient and resistant to all irritants, toxins and excess oils.
– My skin is healthy

This is an audio from “Binaural Beats Factory”, the online binaural beats / subliminal audio generator with high quality text-to-speech subliminal suggestions.
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