Astral Travel - English - Subliminal audio

This package contains 5 audio tracks (mp3) of 30 minutes each:
– DELTA: Listen during sleep
– THETA: Listen during meditation or as hypnosis session
– ALPHA: Listen while relaxing
– BETA: Listen while actively thinking or during cognitive arousal (like while reading or learning)
– GAMMA: Listen during higher mental activity like problem solving

Astral Travel



List of suggestions:
– It’s natural to travel beyond the physical plane and remember. I let go and trust. Astral travel is fun and empowering.
– Higher self guide me now! Bring us closer together. Show me what I need to know!
– The calmer I remain, the easier it is to separate.
– I demand higher knowledge; I am willing to practice and learn.
– I set the perfect time and place to practice.
– I already know how to travel freely through the inner planes.
– I am aware at the exact moment to separate quickly, easily and effortlessly.
– I know the perfect moment transfer awareness.
– Clear and powerful memories of all my non-physical experiences return to me. I am remembering well.
– I am willing to enjoy intensity of traveling through the other dimensions.
– I allow the energies to expand and propel me where I want to go.
– The more I practice remembering, the easier it is to remember.
– I insist on remembering my out of body experiences. I remember my journeys.
– I demand clarity. I demand awareness. Apply my will to stay focused and in control.
– The more I practice remembering, more memories return to me.
– While I am out of body, I am forceful and clear with my commands. My thoughts and intentions take me where I want to go.
– I travel through many dimensions every night. Only now I am training my mind to focus and remember.
– I remain calm and relaxed when vibrations begin.
– While I am out of body, I become aware that I am out of body.
– I am eternally safe, immortal and indestructible.

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